Welcome To Model Bakery

It is said that baking is an “Art”, one that started centuries back. We here at model bakery firmly believe in this “Art” and understand that it is a continuous process, one that keeps evolving and innovating with time. We started our journey of baking back in 1940’s with the sole purposes of spreading smiles through our customers by providing them with quality products and services at the most affordable prices.

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What Makes Us Different!

Its our experience and “hands on” production technique. This is achieved through age old recipies which have stood the test of time, together with hi-tech equipments and traditional Wood-fire oven to provide you with the earthen and homely flavour.

We understand the importance of service, it is one that we take very seriously and hence are relentless in our efforts in providing better services to our customers.

Exotic Cakes

Chocolate Cake

We even specialize in celebrating your memorable moments such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays with the support of our efficient team of high class bakers.

Nut Cake

The irresistible taste of cakes, pastries, patties, cookies, namkeen fails nowhere to satisfy your love for food.